Chartering: a dynamic world

Hudig & Veder finds its roots as a broker company 225 years ago, bringing cargo and ships together. Nowadays, we have expanded our activities with fast, flexible and reliable shipping solutions. Focusing on any type of bulk commodity, break bulk and project cargo. With several expertises and services we can offer fast, flexible and reliable shipping solutions. Together with Jon Scholten, Director Chartering at Hudig & Veder, we will discuss the challenges of the chartering department of Hudig & Veder. What does a normal day look like and can we already say something about the effects of Brexit and COVID-19 on this changing market?

Our business - the scenarios
“In our department we have two scenarios, Jon explains.  “The first scenario is that the customer asks Hudig & Veder to find a vessel for their cargo. This can be bulk or break bulk cargo. Multiple factors are considered, such as time schedule, price and position and layout of the vessel. In this scenario we will take care of the entire process, together with our colleagues from the Agencies. If possible, as agents we coordinate in both port of departure and port of arrival. We keep all parties informed about the entire operation such as  ETA’s and ETD’s. The other scenario is that we act as a broker to the shipowner. We find cargoes for the vessels. In this situation we have a different perspective and different interests. This combination is what makes the work so interesting and dynamic”.

What also makes it interesting is the change in the market. When you experience difficulties in finding the right vessel for the cargo at one point, the situation can be completely different a few months later. The negotiation positions change all the time. Supply and demand are changing continuously. “This makes the job itself already very interesting”, Jon explains further . “We have an experienced team that knows how to handle these changes and how to anticipate the market demands. A skill that they happily teach to our new employees. To show them what is at stake and how easy the demand can change, is what gives me energy”.

Our company - the culture
“At Hudig & Veder, we like to keep in close personal contact with our customers. We talk to our customers on a daily basis just to keep informed. “I strongly believe in the power of direct communication. In our business this makes a tremendous difference and builds trust.” emphasizes Jon Scholten. “Communication will be more and more automated in the future. But that personal tough and contact will never disappear. This is and always will be a peoples business, and that is what makes it so appealing.”

Besides digitization, what will the future bring? “We see the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit on our department on a daily basis. We do not know what the future brings, but with our flexibility I am confident that we will make any situation work. We are continuously seeking new market opportunities, baring in mind how we can help in supporting sustainable supply chains”. What can we contribute to the challenges that lay ahead? “We try to be as involved as possible. Whatever the future will bring, I am looking forward to helping our customers with their challenging projects and logistical questions. With our ABC-concept we already anticipate on the demands of our customers. As a full-service logistics service provider we create an ultimate logistical plan for our customers. One in which we focus on the entire supply chain process and add additional services as customs, all to make the life of our customers easier”.