A new era in storage possibilities



At Hudig & Veder, we always put our customer’s needs first.  We strive to think in a way that actually helps our customers. What do they need? What are current market developments and how can we help to solve our customers’ challenges? Our tremendous experience in the bulk sector, both dry bulk and breakbulk, combined with our customer focus has led to the opening of a facility in Laurenshaven. “We saw a demand in the market and acted on it. Together with our stevedore partner, we created a unique facility on the terminal. We believe in the strength of partnerships to provide the best possible service”, General Manager Hudig & Veder Bulk Henk Hoepel explains.

In Laurenshaven, in the port of Rotterdam, we opened our uniquely designed warehouse for our valued bulk customers. The warehouse in Laurenshaven, operational since 2019, is  built for demand changes. It is suitable for clean and dry covered storage, has sliding rooftops and is located on a deep water (10.65 mtr) quay directly under grab reach. How did we handle this project? In which way did it develop our bulk department? What does a normal day look like in this 120.000 m3 warehouse? And how do we handle this bulk cargo?, Henk Hoepel explains this challenging project.


Henk Hoepel


A look inside the warehouse
The facility consists of multiple 5.000 m3 and 3.500 m3 compartments suitable for the storage of dry bulk products.  “Next to these compartments we have a connected indoor warehouse (7.700 m2) with moveable walls. This way we can adjust the size of the compartments to our customers’ demands. Furthermore a brand new 50 tons grab fitted crane is dedicated for the loading and discharging operations; transshipment from sea going vessel into barges and cargo handling in and out the warehouse. This way trucks and  containers can be loaded under a shelter and we are therefore not dependent on the weather conditions.  “This  is an important advantage considering the daily number of trucks to be loaded”, Henk Hoepel continuous.

We saw a demand in the market and acted on it.


Typical cargo that is shipped and stored in the warehouse are industrial minerals like: bauxite,  bentonite, feldspar, perlite etc. These minerals are being used and processed in the steel industry, insolation, civil engineering. Some products are used as additive in cattle feed (GMP). 

Inspection during handling is important and requires highly skilled cargo surveyors. “When cargo arrives, our professionals are present for sampling and inspection of the cargo on dryness, cleanliness and size.  Another part of their job is taking care of weight ascertainment by gauging barges and draught surveys on coasters. Correct weight determination is an important aspect for valuable goods”. emphasizes Henk Hoepel.

 The future
“The opening of this warehouse is one of the most beautiful moments I have experienced at Hudig & Veder. Standing on that facility is tremendously impressive. It shows that the possibilities at Hudig & Veder are endless. That is the culture of the company and what motivates me”.

Our warehouse in Laurenshaven is almost fully booked, which has triggered our plans to increase the capacity on this location. That is also one of the interesting aspects of this location. We can expand our storage options even further.  At the moment,  we are in an advanced stage of our development plans to build even more storage compartments.