A good example of collaboration


Hudig & Veder has created teams that can handle high performance by hiring people who want to excel at their job and who are responsible and willing to go the extra mile for clients and colleagues. Ergo, new colleagues are selected with the utmost care. In creating our teams, we not only search outside the company, but most certainly also within it. 

To support our professional teams, we have created a stimulating working environment with flexible conditions and an extensive range of free training courses. As a caring company we not only pay attention to the professional aspect of the job, but also offer individual counselling, for example, job coaching and mentoring. In addition, Hudig & Veder strongly believes by joining forces with all the business units within our group, we can offer the best service possible to our clients and future clients.

A good example of collaboration
As an all-round logistics service provider, we have integrated all the activities of the various in-house business units into our ABC concept. Part of the Hudig & Veder Group since January 2019, Ovet Shipping B.V., located locally in Terneuzen, Zeeland is a good example of such an integration. Niek Wondergem, Operations Officer for Logistics at Ovet Shipping B.V., also started working as a shipbroker at Hudig & Veder Chartering in Rhoon.  After obtaining his Sea Freighter diploma, Niek now divides his working week between his commercial and logistics activities for Ovet Shipping and the closing of ships for Hudig & Veder Chartering. Niek explains: "After obtaining my diploma in Ship Chartering at the Shipping and Transport College (STC) in Rotterdam, I spent some time working in the Chartering department of Hudig & Veder in order to master the role of shipbroker. This collaboration has worked out very well for both companies. In fact, it has worked out so well that I now work for both Ovet Shipping and Hudig & Veder Chartering. The activities for the two companies complement each other nicely and thus create a synergy on several fronts. This synergy manifests itself in a comprehensive range of services offered by the entire group”.

We value quality
In order to serve regional customers even better, Hudig & Veder has also set up a chartering office in the same building as Ovet Shipping. So, as of now, regional customers have a local office in Zeeland which they can contact for chartering business. The opening of this new office means short lines of communication between the Chartering and Agency business units and offers great opportunities for both companies. Olivier Corbijn, shipbroker at Hudig & Veder Chartering, enjoys working at both premises. This way, Olivier and Niek work and complement each other where necessary. Olivier explains: "Together we create opportunities. How can we help our customers even better? By combining all our in-house services, we are able to offer an optimal service package as the one-stop-shop that we are. Customer demands always form the basis from which we operate. This enables us to innovate proactively and market-oriented".

Since the onset of the Corona era, people are working away from the office. Olivier adds: "The fact that we have been working paperless for some time has made working remotely/ working from home more convenient. You are no longer dependent on a location to have access to all the necessary data, which has become more transparent and accessible. This allows us to always provide our customers with real-time information. These developments enable us to achieve our ambition to respond to the needs of the market and, of course, we deliver the desired added value and quality that our clients are used to".