ABC-concept explained





“One of our pillars is our ABC-concept. What does this mean? What does it exist of? But more importantly: how do we manage it and guarantee our quality on a daily basis?” Derk Schep, Director at Hudig & Veder explains the concept and its advantages.

“Over the past centuries, we have grown from an agency company and ship broker to a full-service logistics service provider. We are keen on creating an ultimate logistical plan for our customers. We do this by combining different departments and disciplines within Hudig & Veder. In general, three departments are to be distinguished. Agencies, Bulk and Chartering. Together they form our ABC-concept. At our Agencies departments we are the independent port agent representing for both charterers and owners. Bulk department consist of our storage, transhipment and inland shipping activities. And our Chartering department arranges the overseas transport for our customers.” Schep continuous.

“However, this is not all we do at Hudig & Veder. It is not only bulk commodities we are handling we also have specialists providing logistical solutions for project and break-bulk cargoes. We all focus on the entire supply chain process and add additional services as customs, all to make the life of our customers easier.”

Within the Hudig & Veder ABC-concept an optimal collaboration is created between the different Hudig & Veder business departments. In this way we can offer our full service at its highest quality which leads to a sustainable, cost-effective and uncluttered logistical process. A process that is created to unburden our client. Over time, the questions by our customers, or even our customers’ customer, increased when it came to different types of services. It turned out that delivering to the final destination was not a luxury but a real customer demand. As Hudig & Veder, we always want to anticipate on demand. So that is what we did.

‘The Hudig & Veder ABC-concept,
an optimal collaboration between different Hudig & Veder business departments.'

Schep continuous: “Our ABC-concept as we envision it can be best described by an existing supply chain under our control. Imagine a customer who wants its goods from the country of origin to be delivered to its customer through, in this case Rotterdam. We make sure to have chartered the vessel and inspected the goods at loading. Our agents take care of all formalities and make sure the vessel can start her voyage. As soon as the vessel arrives in Rotterdam she is in the good hands of our agents again. We will inspect the goods and handle the customs clearance. Part of the cargo is then transhipped to an inland vessel. The remaining cargo is stored in our own storage facility in the Laurenshaven in Rotterdam for later distribution to the final receiver. Our customer only had to place one order instead of several orders at different parties. Our goal, to create a one-stop-shop for our customer was reached”, explains Schep.

How do we manage to get an extensive process like this done in the correct way? “We have tons of experience in our teams. By combining all our knowledge, we were able to create this concept.” says Schep. Combine internal teamwork with listening to the needs of your customer and a magical collaboration is born. The whole process is supported by an IT system which together with the knowledge of our staff ensures a constant quality.

We developed our own platform. A platform that has proven its value, also in the most complex supply chain challenges. At Hudig & Veder, we push boundaries. We go the extra mile for our customer. This builds trust and loyalty. For one customer, we have even built an app to help them with their logistics and administrative burden. Our business? Not really. Did we make it our business? Absolutely. Why? Because our customers success is in the end our success as well. If you have the knowledge, then why not share it?