Our Company



Hudig & Veder is a family owned company founded in 1795

As a well-known shipping company we know the oceans, the currents and the wind. We anticipate the demands and developments of today’s market climate. And above all, we understand your business. Your money. That’s why we are keen on pushing boundaries to provide you the ultimate logistic plan. Well timed and calculated, based on the latest intelligence. Executed it in the most economic, sustainable and reliable way.

Whatever your logistic adventure may be, Hudig & Veder is ready to embark, moving your business forward. Now and in the future.

Hudig & Veder is proud of her reputation as expert, service provider and solution thinker. To achieve this reputation we cherish our core values of being thoughtful, valuable, ambitious, trustworthy and being a smart thinker.

To maintain this reputation we combine years and years of experience with fresh resourceful thinking, we find it important to work as A TEAM.
Based on 5 powerful guidelines:

  1. ALL TOGETHER: By connecting and using all our different expertises and products we are stronger than ever. And more valuable than ever! Because then, we can offer our customers the best integrated support, all under one flag.
  2. THINK AHEAD: To anticipate the dynamics of our business, we continuously keep our eye on the next waves to come. We stay on top of new insights and developments. We’re already several steps ahead of every step we take.
  3. EMBARK THE ADVENTURE: By seeing a sea of possibilities, and adapting fluently to new opportunities, we’re always able to offer the smartest solution. Even if it’s never done before. This way we learn, grow and accelerate.
  4. ADD VALUE: Yes, of course we go the extra mile. By listening carefully to our customers and extending or integrating other H&V disciplines and services. This way we create extra value and shift expectations.
  5. MAKE IT WORK: We do what we promise. Because we know what we are doing. And because we always find a way to deliver. Whatever the expedition is, we will reach our destination. In time and on budget.

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