The B of our ABC concept explained


At Hudig & Veder we are keen on creating an ultimate logistical plan. By combining different departments and disciplines within our Group we created our ABC-concept. In general, three departments are to be distinguished. AgenciesBulk and Chartering. Bulk. What does this department do and what are the current trends in  the market? Jacco van der Giessen, part of Hudig & Veder for 24 years, will explain more about this dynamic world.

Controllers: the ultimate check
Jacco van der GiessenThe Bulk department consists of a team of professionals, both forwarding agents working from the office and surveyors. The surveyors work on stevedore’s location, in the port itself. The stevedore unloads the vessel and Hudig & Veder Bulk department handles the quality check of the cargo. Jacco explains: “This check consists of number of components. For instant, does the quantity match? And does the quality meet the standards? The same process is done during transshipment of  the cargo by stevedore’s. Is the grab clean? And is the inland vessel truly empty and clean? Our surveyors ascertain the weight by measuring the inland vessels. On certain fixed points on the sides of the vessel, they measure the distance between the fixed points and the water level. After loading, they measure the same distances again. Our surveyor can calculate, by using these figures and the certificate of measurement of the vessel, the quantity that is loaded. During all these activities our staff in the office is in constant direct contact with the controllers in the port to verify the collected information.”

Jacco continues: “The world in which we operate is a dynamic world in which we work 24/7. We start our day with a short catch up with our surveyors, stevedore’s and agents. Are the vessels still on schedule? What is the weather? Are there any (expected) delays? If so, we need to inform all involved parties about the changes. After that, we will organize the necessary documentation like customs clearance formalities, transport documentation, we will update and report to our customer and we will prepare future bookings.”

Our ABC-concept in practice
“We have further developed our concept over the past decades.”  Jacco goes on to tell: “An example is one of our customers that imports material from another continent, who transports cargo to Rotterdam with Hudig & Veder. After arrival in Rotterdam, we temporarily store the cargo in our storage facility in the Laurenshaven in Rotterdam until we further distribute it to the final receiver by coastal vessel. Our Chartering department takes care of these shipments and we will send out an order to our Agency department to be the agent in the port. They take care of all the administration and action to be taken in the field.

By working together within the Hudig & Veder Group we recognize the demand in the market for a one-stop-shop reliable partner for logistics. With our ABC-concept  we are able to fully meet our customer’s requirement and add value with our services.”

Trends in the market
Besides the demand for a one-stop-shop reliable partner, there are several other trends in the market. The shortage in containers and high container freight rates for instants have a tremendous impact on the market, both on the prices and the availability of capacity on bulk vessels. Jacco explains: “We see that goods which are normally transported in a container are now transported by bulk vessels. Despite the pandemic, the volumes have stayed constant and high on our departments. Next to the busy period we find ourselves in, we see a rise in requests for sampling of the cargo. Our team is well trained and prepared and therefore we have further implemented this in our service towards customers. Our department has a constant character and together with the focus on digital transformation and developments, we are able to offer an even better service every day.”