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Three new coasters for logistics partners Hartel Shipping & Chartering and Hudig & Veder.

Hartel Shipping & Chartering, long term partner of Hudig & Veder Group, has signed up for the delivery of three newbuild coasters of 3.800 DWT. The new vessels measure 89,42 m by 13,20 m and will have a cargo hold capacity of 5.530 m³ and a tween deck to allow for increased project cargo capacity.

In response to an increased focus on sustainability, Hartel Shipping has opted for a diesel-electric drivetrain, allowing for running on sustainable fuels now and later on in the future. The newbuilds are propelled by two 374 KW electro motors and have a total installed power of 749 kW. The frequency-controlled, diesel-electric power train regulates the speed of the propellor on the basis of variables such as load factor, water level and navigation route, resulting in fuel saving up to 35% and significantly lower emissions. Further energy savings, on this already remarkably efficient design, will be realized by fitting a VentiFoil® system on the vessel. With these sails, further efficiencies of 8% - 12% can be realized. 


With these new vessels, Hartel Shipping has taken significant steps toward the future. John Brobbel, CEO of Hartel Shipping & Chartering, tells: “With the Energy Efficiency Design Index of 2025 in mind, we wanted to be prepared for the future in shipping and add more flexibility to our business. These new vessels will give us the opportunity to stay focused on what we do best, smart transportation. They will enable us to keep on delivering custom-made logistic plans to our customers and to stay on top of our business”.

Designed by Conoship International the new vessels will be a welcome addition to the Vliet-fleet. Brobbel: ”The vessels have not been named yet, but the names will be in line with our existing Vliet vessels. With these three vessels we will have a complete fleet with which we can meet any logistical challenge, we are ready to embark the future”. 


Hartel Shipping & Chartering is a long term partner of the Hudig & Veder Group. In over 227 years, the family-owned Hudig & Veder has grown from an agency company and ship broker into a full-service logistics service provider. All their services are now combined in the ABC-concept. A concept where different departments collaborate to create an ultimate logistical plan for customers. With a strong focus on relationships and the alignment of people, processes and technology, the concept allows all partners involved to innovate and grow. Within the Hudig & Veder Group, all teams work closely together to achieve a common goal; moving your business forward! With the addition of these new Vliet vessels, we are confident we have the perfects ‘tool’ to reach this goal.

Hartel Shipping & Chartering

A dynamic international shipping and chartering company, who provide the best solutions for all aspects of worldwide marine transportation with skills, now-how and a large worldwide network. Continuously seeking new opportunities, Hartel Shipping & Chartering aims to maintain and to further improve their reputation as a reliable partner. The main focus is the chartering and operation of vessels between Continent and East Mediterranean, being able to handle BreakBulk and especially Project Material. Hartel Shipping & Chartering has always and will continue to provide excellent service on each shipment.