Big Data Era


Global distribution and the opening of new markets will result in increasingly complex supply chains, cost variations and logistics processes. There will be a growing demand for increased flexibility from every organization, logistics service providers as well. It will become more and more important for companies to have the right tools to deal with these changes.

The world of logistics is constantly changing. These changes affect all players in the market. It urges organizations to go along with these changes in order to keep up with the competition. Technology and electronic exchange of data is certainly a big part of this. The use of customer portals with access to the systems of the logistics service provider is becoming increasingly important. Companies are therefore investing in smart software and systems to be of better service to their customers. Always keeping the customers demands in mind.

In the years to come, there will be an increasing focus on flexibility and agility to receive and store data in order to simplify the identification and tracking of transports, cargoes and products. In this way, customers have the possibility to retrieve data online at any time of the day and from any location.

With the embrace of the big data era, organizations will be better able to respond to market trends and market demands. In addition, they will get a better idea of what the specific needs of the customer are. The exchange of data will also contribute to higher transparency for all parties within the supply chain.

The industry will be formed in the coming years by new and innovative technologies. Companies that are already preparing for this, are agile and can quickly adapt to changes due to new technological developments and logistics processes will be at the helm of the market in the future.

Chain cooperation, ABC concept
Within the Hudig & Veder group we embrace these changes. Currently we are focusing our new operational system. With this new system we have one goal in mind: make work easier. With the use of this innovative solution, processes can be optimized even further and we as a company become increasingly flexible. Where possible, workflows will be organized to be even more efficient and employees are given an increasingly controlling role. Each department will have the opportunity to customize the system slightly to fit its own processes. So at the end of the road, the system will fit perfectly with every activity within Hudig & Veder.

Besides digitization, supply chain management has become more and more important in recent years and this will remain an important topic in the future. Hudig & Veder has already embraced chain cooperation with its ABC-concept. With our ABC-concept we focus on efficiency and control over the logistic chain. From one central point all logistics operations, Agencies, Bulk and Chartering, are arranged within the chain and communication is significantly improved with 1 contact person.