225 years Future Innovation

225 years of entrepreneurship

“As a well-known shipping company since 1795 we know the oceans, the currents and the wind. We anticipate the demands and developments of today's market climate. And above all, we understand the business. Over the years, we have grown closer and closer to our customers" explains Derk Schep, Director at Hudig & Veder. "This allows us to innovate proactively and market-oriented. Our ambition is to respond to the needs of the market. That is why we are keen on pushing boundaries to provide the ultimate logistic plan. Well timed and calculated, based on the latest intelligence. Executed it in the most economic, sustainable and reliable way.”


"We are looking for the best suitable solution for every question, but we also develop these questions," says Schep. "Our customers are partners and ambassadors with which we are in daily contact. They recognize that we, as a specialist, have the knowledge to help them solve their problem. By staying in contact with our customers, we stay informed of trends in the market and can always respond directly to market demand. By pro-active thinking together with our customer in this way, we distinguish ourselves in the business. We are a provider of total solutions in the supply chain. We are the top of our class by the innovations shown and our continued investment in further improvement of our services, but also with collaboration with various partners in the chain.

Total package
Hudig & Veder is there for the business, for the customer, stresses Schep. " Our employees together with our clients look for constant innovation. "Over the past year, we focussed how to develop client specific online information services using our in House IT system. Together with our customers we develop a suitable format. By doing this we increase our service provision. And more importantly, this allows us to offer our customers an even more complete total range of services and solutions and to serve customers even faster and more completely.”