Hartel Shipping


Hartel Shipping is a well established and reliable break-bulk & project carrier, operating between Europe, UK, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

Six 3850 DWT Box tweendecker vessels form the base of this great service.

Below summary reflects a selection of the loading- and discharge ports. However, the service is flexible to add ports within the service area. Due to the deployment of the six dedicated sister vessels, the regularity and reliability are well preserved.

Selection of ports served by Hartel Shipping:

Rotterdam, Antwerpen, St Petersburg, Rostock, Bilbao, Barcelona, Genoa, Algiers, Alexandria, Beirut, Latakia, Mersin, Izmir, Istanbul, Poti, Constantza, Kherson, Mariupol, Algiers, Izmir, Constantza, Kherson & Mariupol.

There is always a port connection possible!


One of the main shipping areas of Hartel Shipping