Supply Chain


Supply Chain Management (SCM), also known as integral chain management, is a principle in which by improving processes and cooperation with suppliers and customers a better functionality of the participating company in the chain is created. For example, less waste is created and more accurate purchases can be made.

Supply chain management is generally supported by software that lets companies connect with each other and allows orders to expire automatically. By applying and implementing supply chain management, the hot-as-you-go pendulum effect is prevented or reduced to a minimum.

What does this mean for logistics? In short, logistics is about delivering the right things, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities at the right cost and aims to meet the the needs of the market. For logistics service providers, supply chain management actually means taking care of the customer. The service providers take part responsibility for the flow of goods out of the hands of the customer.

It is about finding a balance between often difficult to achieve objectives: on the one hand, cost minimization or low capital use is desirable, on the other hand, the aim is to maximise customer service. In a rapidly changing world, good logistical control is an absolute requirement for more and more companies.

An efficient and optimized supply chain can benefit all the businesses in the supply chain. Therefore, it adds value for the end consumer.

Hudig & Veder knows their ABC
The Hudig & Veder ABC-concept can be explained as an existing supply chain under our control. An optimal collaboration is created between our different departments AgenciesChartering and Bulk. Within this collaboration we can offer our full service at its highest quality which leads to a sustainable, cost-effective and uncluttered logistical process. In stead of dealing with several parties and suppliers during a logistics process, our ABC concept will take care of every aspect.

By combining all our knowledge and optimised processing, we were able to create this concept. Supported by an IT system together with the knowledge and innovative thinking of our staff we ensure a constant quality in a process that is created to unburden our client and build long term partnerships. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you!