Bulk Storage Warehouse

Warehousing, it is all about storing goods for a certain amount of time in a large warehouse. Warehouses are specially designed to store products in bulk, mainly for a longer term. The goods are later sold or distributed. In fact, a warehouse is only the storage space. This is also the main difference between a warehouse and a distribution centre. A distribution centre is also involved in order picking and order processing, often including transport in addition to storage. They are often used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport companies, etc.

As explained briefly above, parties often opt for warehousing if they do not have a storage space themselves. But also for cost reasons: there is no need to invest in staff and location yourself. Handling and handling of goods, stock management and transport are taken out of their hands, so warehousing also means a lot of convenience for the customer. So that it can focus on the core activities of his or her company.


Warehousing Hudig & Veder
In addition to various long term rented storage facilities at worldwide strategic locations, Hudig & Veder has its own state of the art warehouse in the Laurenshaven in Rotterdam at its disposal. This location that is perfectly connected to deep sea roads without the intervention of locks. There are also excellent connections to the hinterland through inland shipping routes.

The warehouse is 120,000 m3 and is suitable for covered storage of dry bulk products. It consists of multiple 5,000 m3 and 3,500 m3 compartments with sliding rooftops at deep water (10.65 mtr) quay directly under grab reach. It is also equipped with moveable walls and sliding rooftops. Loading and unloading is done with a 50 ton grab-fitted mobile crane. The warehouse has storage sheds and silos suitable for storage of minerals, coal, scrap, biomass and agribulk products.

Warehouse Laurenshaven, Rotterdam