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Since 1795 Hudig & Veder has a remarkable history of logistic achievements. Time and again we succeeded to turn challenges in the market into leading-edge solutions. This unparalleled heritage of adaptive and hands-on way of working is still deeply anchored in our organisation. Resulting in steady and growing business worldwide.

To make our business grow, we are always on the look out for eager people who want to learn every day. Today the logistics market is more dynamic and demanding than ever, with great changes as well as chances ahead of us: new technologies and IT, new climate regulations, emerging players in the field and more. This means we must stay flexible, visionary and innovative. 

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Jobs & Internships

Working at H&V: Olivier Corbijn

After completing my graduation internship at Gans Cargo Operations, I was not entirely sure which direction I wanted to go within the maritime logistics.

Hudig & Veder offered me the opportunity to do an internal traineeship over various H&V departments within the group.

In the past year of my traineeship I have worked at the bulk, chartering, forwarding (projects) and agencies department. This gave me the opportunity to be introduced to each line of work. It was fascinating to see how diverse the maritime logistics world can be.

Due to the close involvement of my H&V group colleagues I was able to develop my general knowledge of maritime logistics.

I have completed my traineeship, and as per November I started to work at the H&V Chartering department.

Olivier Corbijn – Hudig & Veder Chartering

Working at H&V: Gerard van Ree

From the date of founding I joined Fairway Shipping Agencies. At that time I considered myself an allround agent with a lot of experience.

However, after all this years at FSA it turned out that one is never too old to learn. FSA and H&V give me the opportunity to learn something new every day and to extend my experience with the handling of for example: owner vessels, tankers, pda’s and especially with the teaching and educating of the young hotshots.

In short, I am a satisfied member of the Fairway Shipping Agencies and Hudig & Veder family.

Gerard van Ree - H&V Agencies (Fairway)

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