H&V goes Boltrics

Hudig & Veder changes course and opts for Boltrics branch standard to support their entire Forwarding & Warehousing process. One central solution with which they expect to achieve a significant increase in efficiency and get a 360° view of their customers in just a few clicks.

Anticipate market demand

The people at Hudig & Veder have been building a strong international logistics network since 1795. But that does not mean that there is room for complacency. On the contrary, because with more than 200 years of knowledge, they acknowledge that the sector is changing rapidly and that you need to keep a close eye on the market. What trends do we see? What do our customers need? And how can we respond to this? A number of questions that Hudig & Veder deal with every day in order to continuously improve their services.

That requires know-how, courage and an adaptive mindset. But also a solution that can effortlessly support new process flows. However, the latter turned out to be increasingly difficult to achieve with their current custom-made solution.

Reinvent the wheel

Thom Lems, Project Manager IT at Hudig & Veder: “We noticed that with our current applications we were experiencing limitations and had to reinvent the wheel every time we wanted to introduce a new workflow. From the concept to the corresponding specifications. That slows down the process and before you know it you’ll be playing catch-up. We wanted to prevent that. That’s why we started looking for a best practice, a software solution that already incorporates the experiences of other logistics service providers. That quickly brought us to Boltircs brand solution.''

An even keel on a sustainable horizon

With a wide range of transport activities – from (bulk) storage facilities to exhibition logistics – the chance of a fragmented working methods increases. Which not necessarily improves efficiency. In addition, the use of different applications meant that data had to be entered multiple times, which increases the risk of errors. Hudig & Veder, therefore, set a number of requirements for their new software solution: one solution for all operating companies, one-time data entry, links with chain partners to improve collaboration, the possibility of adding company-specific workflows and hosted in the cloud.

“Process optimization and increasing efficiency are within reach. A practical example: data will only have to be entered once. It will also be much easier to make data transparent. Answering a customer question will become a piece of cake and financial reports are compiled with a few mouse clicks. That saves time and in the long run costs.”

Thom continues: “With the choice of the Boltrics software, we expect to be able to work unambiguously and more efficiently and to be able to anticipate the constantly changing demand for information from our customers. In addition, the combination of Boltrics ’approach and Microsoft’s’ Cloud platform gives us the confidence that we always have access to the latest options.”