Hudig & Veder went into business 225 years ago as a broker company, bringing ship and cargo together to ensure trustworthy transport by sea.

Nowadays, we have expanded our activities with fast, flexible and reliable shipping solutions. Focusing on any type of bulk commodity, break bulk and project cargo.

Based on a foundation of knowledge, decades of experience and a dedicated staff, we can offer complete and tailor-made logistic solutions.

Loading maize Port of Bordeaux

Next to traditional cargo bulk commodities, such as Minerals, Coals and Feedpellets, H&V is also active in transporting grain products like Barley, Wheat and Maize. 

Furthermore, Hudig & Veder is specialized in Bio Mass Cargo's as Woodpellets Olivepellets. 

Loading project cargo

We are experienced in various break bulk cargoes such as Steels, Pipes and Palletized goods. In addition we offer project cargo services for the Oil and Gas and Off-shore industry.

Together with Hudig & Veder Project Logistics we can handle large, oversized and heavy cargo, all around the world. 

Dedicated and experienced team

With our dedicated and experienced team, we are qualified and capable to meet our Principals requirements in a professional and adequate way.


GMP+ Certificate

BIMCO member