Bulk Logistics



With our years and years of experience in the bulk sector, Hudig & Veder can offer competitive and high quality handling of all dry bulk and breakbulk materials within the ARAG-range, France and Germany.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team is fully aware of all restrictions and limitations that apply to each individual terminal. Therefore, we can always find the best solution for handling your cargo. Whether your cargo needs to be stored at a terminal, transshipped directly board to board or needs to find his way to an inland location, we will take good care of it.

Inland barging

Are you looking for a company who can transport your product from any European seaport to an international inland destination?
H&V Bulk Logistics can always charter the right barge for the job, thanks to our vast network of experienced professionals.

Cargo Inspections & Lab Services

At Hudig & Veder we have our own team of experienced and motivated cargo surveyors. We inspect your bulk or break-bulk cargo and the stevedore’s equipment carefully.

Additionally, we investigate the dryness and cleanliness of cargo holds and/or compartments of sea-going vessels, barges, containers, trucks and silos. 


H&V Bulk Logistics can offer a wide variety of covered- and non-covered storage solutions. Depending on the nature of your cargo, we will find you the best and most suitable storage possible.  

In addition to our own warehouse in the Port of Rotterdam, we can also offer covered or non-covered storage for dry bulk minerals. These long term rented warehouses are located in the seaports within the ARAG-range and strategic locations in France and Germany.