Our company in the colonial era

Hudig & Blokhuyzen were active in the transport, storage and trade of colonial goods. Unfortunately, and to our regret, partly produced by using slave labour


No direct knowledge is available what the point of view on slavery was of the ‘firmanten’ (partners). It seems virtually impossible that they were not aware that they were in logistics and trade of goods that were partly produced using slave labour or other forms of colonial oppression. Sadly, these products were widely spread in the economy of that time. We realise and regret that this shadow side of our history during this period still has its consequences in our era.


We are proud of our history, but we are aware what has happened in our past. Therefore, we plan to examine our history more closely. We consider it important to know this period of our legal predecessors. This allows us to take our responsibility in the current social discussion on the Dutch slavery past and contribute to the Dutch knowledge landscape in the field of slavery history. It also allows us to tell a broader and more inclusive story about our history, and to communicate openly about it with stakeholders or interested parties.


Derk Schep: "I think it's good to raise awareness, because the Golden Age in our history in its greatness in particular, was published. But it also had a dark side from time to time. And this needs to be highlighted as well so we and generations after us can learn from the past."