Bulk Maritime Agencies


As an independent and committed company, BMA operates in the field of tramp agencies, comprising dry and liquid cargo vessels. Our well skilled and experienced operators provide you a 24 hours/7 days a week service.

Apart from ship agencies, we can provide you with a large range of ship related services in the HARAG range.

Through our cooperation with global marketing representative Mideko Shipping we are able to help you find reliable and professional agents in various ports all over the world.

Dry bulk

BMA has been handling various dry bulk commodities since the founding in 1991. We have the pleasure of working for a wide range of customers amongst which a few of the major coal traders.
In order for you to make an efficient planning of your dry bulk operations, we monitor port conditions i.e. restrictions, new requirements, port authority updates and provide you with this information upon request.

Liquid bulk

Our certified tanker operators are able to assist vessels loading and discharging their liquid cargoes in the ARA range. For over more than 25 years we are handling various commodities such as mineral oils, vegoils and chemicals. Due to our good and professional relationship with Port Authorities, we can also manage ship to ship transhipments on buoys or dolphins on designated areas in our ports.


As cargo handling agent for dry bulk cargoes, we coordinate the discharge of dry bulk cargoes which are being transshipped into barges/coasters and/or discharged onto shore.
We keep close contact with stevedores, agents, inspection companies and barging companies in order to ensure a quick and smooth turnaround. Once the cargo is discharged onto stock, we monitor the reloadings and keep you advised about your stockposition.