Project & Break-Bulk Cargoes



Hudig & Veder Forwarding is a global specialist in respect of handling and shipping project and break-bulk cargoes.

Specialist knowledge and experience is required to fully coordinate and engineer safe transportation. Specialised packing, handling, lashing, securing, lifting and storage are just a few of the crucial details to consider taking care of complex cargo transports.

We serve a wide range of companies in industries like marine engineering, mining, infrastructure, oil & gas, power, manufacturing and construction.

The scope of cargoes include:

- oil and gas equipment
- refinery and petrochemical plant equipment
- modules and pre-assembled units
- heavy-lift and project cargoes
- port handling equipment
- port construction
- floating cargo
- rolling stock
- heavy machinery 
- power generation equipment

Out Of Gauge Cargo

Cargo exceeding standard dimensions, being so large or heavy that special equipment is needed to handle the size and weight.

Based on the cargo specifications and measurements we provide the most suitable equipment in combination with on premises highly professional lashing and securing of the cargo. If required we arrange onsite packing or repacking in top class wooden crates for safe shipment of high value and sensitive cargoes.




In several cases shipping as break-bulk is justified as the most economical and fastest option to reach the overseas destination.

We completely coordinate that the cargoes are shipped as break-bulk on conventional vessels. Whether the routes are served by liner services or we (partly) charter the optimal vessel in line with the required time frame and conditions serving your interests. 

Ro-Ro & MAFI

Break-bulk and project cargoes are loaded on roll trailers for secure, under deck and efficient shipment of high value or sensitive cargoes.

Project Logistics Services