At Hudig & Veder: The future is now

Providing your customers with the best possible quality and service is one thing. To make sure your team has the best possibilities, energy and thrive to do so is something completely different. The spill in the organization that enables Hudig & Veder to keep growing by taking care of the Hudig & Veder team members: our HR department. What is on the agenda for the years to come? Jill ten Cate, HR Advisor at Hudig & Veder, will explain the latest developments and trends.

The team
“We are a team of approximately 90 employees. Due to the size and type of company that we are, I always help where needed”, Jill explains. “This mainly covers HR responsibilities, but can also be other tasks, such as  insurances or supporting the management team and fleet management. This diversity is what makes my job so interesting. Apart from the standard processes, such as administration, meetings with our staff and the general HR support, every day varies strongly. ”Jill continues: “To actively stay up to date with the latest HR regulations and to implement these regulations and optimize our daily processes is what energizes me. It is a thrill to be an active part of the dynamic business we are in. At Hudig & Veder the communication lines are short. This means decisions are made quick and accurate. This is one of the aspects that characterizes our company. Everyone is motivated to think ahead and to be an active part in the company’s strategy. Hudig & Veder is a true family business, it really is a second home. We have a number of colleagues who have been working here for quite a long time. Last year we even had someone who celebrated his 50 years anniversary at Hudig &Veder. 40 Years, 25 years or 12,5 years, we have it all! Our team is an great mix of all ages. The willingness to be the best at what they do and to help each other reach that is what they all have in common. And that is what makes working here so pleasant and challenging. We are really proud of all our colleagues.”

"Hudig & Veder is a true family business, it really is a second home"

The culture
“Everybody is stimulated to keep developing themselves, both personally and professionally. Entrepreneurship is also one of our key values. You recognize that in the willingness to implement new ideas throughout the entire company. All employees are stimulated to be an active part in developing these ideas.” Jill goes on to explain: “The synergy between departments has grown tremendously as well. Everyone experiences our ABC concept. A concept that combines different departments and disciplines within Hudig & Veder and where an optimal collaboration is created between the different Hudig & Veder business departments. The quality we deliver is even more clear and the message is even more out there. To further increase that synergy, we are also changing our office functionalities. Hybrid working will become the standard more and more. Therefore, we believe that our headquarters must be a multi-functional location. An area where we can meet, brainstorm, discuss, grow and celebrate together.”

The future
What will be on the agenda the coming years to further improve Hudig & Veder? Jill tells: “We do not know what the future will bring, but we are alert. We notice the changes in the business and are therefore always on the look-out for new colleagues. New colleagues are selected carefully. For both parties, it is important that there is a match. We notice that by hiring people who want to do their job right, who feel responsible and are willing to run the extra mile for customers and colleagues we have created excellent performing teams. When hiring new people we therefore look for these values as part of their personality. To support our teams, we create a stimulating work environment with flexible terms and free choice of educational courses. Although each individual needs and  preferences may differ, everybody’s mindset is the same.