Hudig & Veder is your global logistic partner for smart transportation, warehousing and handling services. Our mission: moving your business forward. From minerals to plane engines , from Van Goghs to wind mills. We always find you the smartest way to get your cargo anywhere in the world, powered by 225 years of Dutch cleverness.

With our ABC concept, we can link the entire logistics

The head office in Rhoon is immersed in history. Old ship models and a hall of fame of former directors are the daily tribute to the achievements of the company that has been led by the Fontein family for more than 70 years now. Two years ago, Director Lex Fontein brought Derk Schep on board. With this entrepreneur at the helm, also tried and tested in the port of Rotterdam, the logistics service provider is confidently entering the future. He was triggered by the atmosphere within the company, says Schep, who is the first non-family member, in a long time, now to set the course of Hudig & Veder. The glorious history of Hudig & Veder, for which Jan Hudig and his brother-in-law Cornelis Gebrand Blokhuyzen laid the foundation in Rotterdam, will not be forgotten. But the company, which has grown into a strong partner in international logistics, will continue to grow into the sector in which it has been a resounding name for many years, promises Derk Schep.

A new adventure...

At 24 years old, Martijn van der Gijze is one of the youngest operators at Hudig & Veder. Soon he will play his first 'solo' as a man of service. "The fun part? Going out, of course. Even if they just need a USB... Read about how Martijn experiences his job as an operator.


To make our business grow, we are always on the lookout for eager people who want to learn every day. Today the logistics market is more dynamic and demanding than ever, with great changes as well as chances ahead of us: new technologies and IT, new climate regulations, emerging players in the field and more. This means we must stay flexible, visionary and innovative. At the moment we have a number of great internships available. (Dutch only)


Integrated logistic services

Thanks to our full range of expertises and services, we cover and connect all chains of your supply. This way we navigate your cargo fluently all the way to its destination, taking care of all aspects of the expedition.

Over 225 years of agility

Since 1795 we’ve been sailing the seas and outsmarted changes of time. Always succeeding to turn challenges in the market into leading-edge solutions. This unparalleled heritage of adaptive and hands-on mentality is still deeply anchored in our way of working.
We’re always on the lookout for better routes, different approaches and innovative concepts, to keep you ahead at all times and tides.