Hudig & Veder is your global logistic partner for smart transportation, warehousing and handling services. Our mission: moving your business forward. From minerals to plane engines , from Van Goghs to wind mills. We always find you the smartest way to get your cargo anywhere in the world, powered by 225 years of Dutch cleverness.


To support our professional teams we, at Hudig & Veder Group, have created a stimulating working environment with flexible conditions and an extensive range of free training courses. As a caring company we not only pay attention to the professional aspect of the job, but also offer individual counselling, for example, job coaching and mentoring. In addition, Hudig & Veder strongly believes in joining forces with all the business units within our group, we can offer the best service possible to our clients and future clients.

Creativity & perseverance

“At Hudig & Veder we prefer a personal approach. Furthermore, we also notice that, in our business, people are questioning 'doing everything digitally' more and more. Often something changes in the logistics process, and we have to be flexible to deal with these changes. A good team and an international network is key in anticipating these changes. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge and experience. That way, we can guarantee the quality of service that our customers are used to and have grown to expect from us.” Jasper Brocades Zaalberg, Director of Hudig & Veder Forwarding,  tells about his Hudig & Veder

The B of our ABC concept explained

At Hudig & Veder we are keen on creating an ultimate logistical plan. By combining different departments and disciplines within our Group we created our ABC-concept. In general, three departments are to be distinguished. AgenciesBulk and Chartering. Bulk. What does this department do and what are the current trends in  the market? Jacco van der Giessen, part of Hudig & Veder for 24 years, will explain more about this dynamic world.


Integrated logistic services

Thanks to our full range of expertises and services, we cover and connect all chains of your supply. This way we navigate your cargo fluently all the way to its destination, taking care of all aspects of the expedition.

225 years of agility

Since 1795 we’ve been sailing the seas and outsmarted changes of time. Always succeeding to turn challenges in the market into leading-edge solutions. This unparalleled heritage of adaptive and hands-on mentality is still deeply anchored in our way of working.
We’re always on the lookout for better routes, different approaches and innovative concepts, to keep you ahead at all times and tides.