Hudig & Veder is your global logistic partner for smart transportation, warehousing and handling services. Our mission: moving your business forward. From minerals to plane engines , from Van Goghs to wind mills. We always find you the smartest way to get your cargo anywhere in the world, powered by 225 years of Dutch cleverness.

A look inside our warehouse

In Laurenshaven, in the port of Rotterdam, we opened our uniquely designed warehouse for our valued bulk customers. The warehouse in Laurenshaven, operational since 2019, is  built for demand changes. It is suitable for clean and dry covered storage, has sliding rooftops and is located on a deep water (10.65 mtr) quay directly under grab reach. How did we handle this project? In which way did it develop our bulk department? What does a normal day look like in this 120.000 m3 warehouse? And how do we handle this bulk cargo?, Henk Hoepel explains this challenging project.

Challenges to the road of success

Hudig & Veder is prepared for the future. And part of the future is digitization. At Hudig & Veder, we decided to be ready. Ready to exceed customers’ expectations and ready to simplify our team’s processes. How do we manage this process? How does it impact our future and what does it mean for our customers? Thom Lems, our project manager IT at Hudig & Veder explains.

All aspects of port agents

We will take a look behind the scenes in one of the most dynamic departments of Hudig & Veder: the agencies. What characterizes this department? How do we handle all of the aspects of being a port agent? What does it take to deliver the best service for our customers? And what will be the influence of future developments on this special role? Debbie van der Klaauw, Managing director of Fairway Shipping Agencies BV, shares her vision.


Integrated logistic services

Thanks to our full range of expertises and services, we cover and connect all chains of your supply. This way we navigate your cargo fluently all the way to its destination, taking care of all aspects of the expedition.

225 years of agility

Since 1795 we’ve been sailing the seas and outsmarted changes of time. Always succeeding to turn challenges in the market into leading-edge solutions. This unparalleled heritage of adaptive and hands-on mentality is still deeply anchored in our way of working.
We’re always on the lookout for better routes, different approaches and innovative concepts, to keep you ahead at all times and tides.